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360GRAdOS offers and develops a series of workshops towards the dancers professional  improvement.

Partnering Body to Body


Methodological-Practical Proposal for the work of manipulation, placement and suspension involved in the execution of Portes in the Contemporary Dance, in addition to the work of contact and manipulation in pairs as well as in group.

Acondicionamiento Corporal para Bailarines


Methodological work of Technical Base that also relies on the work of strengthening and flexibility with Therapeutic Bands. It improves the technical work, alignment and body posture, strengthens and creates awareness of muscular work, improves the elasticity, tone and endurance generating a complete training of the body. Workshop focused on the physiological needs of the dancer participant.

In addition, 360GRADOS organizes and gives workshops on Contemporary Dance, Classical Dance, Creation Workshop. Also, 360GRADOS organizes workshops with invited teachers.

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