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Trazando el Goce de Su Voz

Contemporary dance piece that explores a specific movement quality, stimulated by the musicality generated by a source of voices sounds, which involve the interpreters with their different rhythms and tones enveloping freshness and enjoyment of the movement, creating corporal strokes together to achieve a piece with a reading full of energy and vivid physicality.

The creative process was based in exploring and researching movement, through an specific circular and wavy quality of movement, we took from inspiration some characteristic dances from different countries like, Venezuela, Brazil and Cuba which define their steps inspired by music, devotion and enjoyment, in order to scheme choreographic tools to develop new physical material. That led us to enter in an investigation of constant manipulation and suspension between dancers. Our main goal with this piece is that the audience connects with the dancers and together journey in
motion with the basic aim of enjoying.


Coreography: Oswaldo González

Artistic Direction: Jhosmar Chitty


Alexis Sulbarán, Marta Tejada, Catherine Stuyt, 

Jhosmar Chitty, Oswaldo González.

Duration: 15 minuts.

Music: various





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