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360GRADOS Danza was born as a  Contemporary Dance Company and has been growing to carry out programs of a greater cultural impact and of great importance in its development and presentation, not only for the dance community but also for the artistic community and the general public.


This is how 360GRADOS Contemporary Dance grows and expands developing cultural projects with clear objectives that:

  • Combine the arts in a search of an enriched result as a result of this fusion;

  • Are exalted with the participation of renowned national and international choreographers;

  • Cover the artistic needs of the community;

  • Develop physical, emotional and social skills and conditions through the dance of the participating community;

  • Present workshops of training and conditioning necessary for the professional growth of dancers.


360GRADOS Dance to meet these goals offers:


Programs of training in dance at different levels and directed to:

  • Children and young people who are inspired by dance with the future hope of forming as professional dancers

  • Children and young people who wish to explore the art of dance as a complement to their academic training in general.

  • Young people with previous training in dance who wish to undertake vocational training

  • Dancers to whom they are offered and gives courses and workshops for the sake of professional improvement

  • Adults who wish to participate in dance programs that give them a bio-psycho-social development and benefit.

Cultural Projects:


It raises, develops and executes projects in which the Dance plays a preponderant role and in which a bio-psycho-social benefit is given to the community through dance and also where the creators and artists expose and share their experiences.

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