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360GRAdOS presents its Educational Program for the exercise, training and improvement of the dancer since the inicial to advanced levels, all carried out by professionals with highly training and experience.


Educational - Artistic Project: Professional Dance Development Program

360GRAdOS company's directors have a professional and specialized training at a university level and an extensive experience throughout their artistic and teaching careers. As a result of the joint work they create and develop their own plan of study for the improvement and complete training of the dancer, with the ultimate goal of their full development at professional level. Under this intensive program, the maximum potential of each student is optimized and they are directed towards his professional career.

360GRAdOS Danza - Centre de Formació en Dansa Clàssica i Contemporània

360GRADOS expands its training programs for children and youth, under its own curriculum offering training cycles from an early age. As well as offer training modules for those adults who wish to deepen their training. In addition, it offers courses and workshops that favor the integral growth of a dancer.

On the other hand, it offers a combination of classes at the initial, intermediate and advanced dance levels as well as complementary subjects and alternative beneficial training for the dancer, these classes are open to students outside the training programs.

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