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The 360GRAdOS Directive, as a Cultural Project Managers, design and implement projects in which Dance plays a preponderant role:
- it extends and benefits spaces of national and international exchange,
- facilitates a fusion of enriched combination with other arts,
- creates, provides and shares spaces in and for dance as an opportunity for the projection and creation of cultural spaces,
- promotes and actively participates in quality dance training,
- takes an active part in promoting the bio-psycho-social benefit to the community through dance.
These projects include:
Choreographic Projects
        ACI Dance 360º
        Fusion-Art 360º
Projects projection and creation of cultural spaces
       DID 360º International Dance Day Celebration
       Art Cycle  360º
Training Projects
       Professional Dance Development Program Power and Control,
       360º Workshops

Community Projects

        ComunART 360º  space in which dance takes life as a bio-psycho-social benefit of populations outside the dance community.

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