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Professional Development Program in Contemporary Dance

360GRADOS in its commitment to the continuous improvement in the training of the dancer, offers quality education under its own study program in its Professional Development Program in Contemporary Dance.

The Educational Program of 360GRAdOS promotes the personal artistic growth through the reinforcement and the required preparation for the whole development of a dancer. The study program and methodology strengthens the technical base of contemporary dance, supported on the classical dance technique, physical conditioning especific to dancers and other complementary work and essential tools for the complete training of a contemporary dancer. In addition, it enhances the interpretative essence and forges a creative character, thus achieving the formation of high level dancers, versatile and prepared to face the professional field, recognizing the diversity of contemporary dance today. We are committed to the learning construction process that emphasizes the discipline, constance and effort required by this artistic field reinforced by the motivation and love to this vocation. The educational-artistic project focuses on developing the maximum potential of each student, with a program of intensive work, particular and exclusive to the needs of each member, thus forming dancers with high artistic potential.

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Areas of Development


The classes are held in rooms properly equipped for the execution of the activities of the training course and they take place at the "Centre de Formació en Dansa Clàssica i Contemporània" in  Carrer de l'Oblit 56, Barcelona.

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