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¿Por Qué me Abrazas?

 “¿Por qué me abrazas?” “¿Why you hold me?” develops in a place of chaos, love and comprehension at the same time. In a relationship many things could happen, some things can be so beautiful but there are other that simply break with normal relationship paradigm. Fights, disagreements and unequal desires happens because people are just diferent to each other. Even if this happens human learn how to live, how to accept one another, keeping and drawing the way that they decide to live together.



Coreography: Alexis Sulbarán
Interpretation: Mónica Sikrza ó Jhosmar Chitty y Alexis Sulbarán

Music: Arvo Pärt, Natalia Lafourcade “Tonada de Luna Llena”.

Duration: 13 minuts



¿Why you Hold me?

Absence of you

Absence of me and we both,

When I’m away from you there is sadness.

I am here, I am here but not with you,

There is only my silhouette and yours.

Us, we both aren´t here, aren’t there.

Broken embrace, bitter embrace,

Embrace that burns and weakens the blood,

Embrace hard to stand and makes the skin go red.  

I don’t want your love, I don’t want your embrace

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