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Performative piece inspired by the videodance which deals with the influence of plastic pollution on the sea, non-biodegradable and toxic material. An extract was presented at the improvisation festival The Exploding Plastic Fest in Barcelona / Spain November 12, 2016.



VídeoDance developed in 2015 as part of the proyect FusionArt

Direction: Lida Urbanek

Direction of Art: Roma Losaberidze, Margola Magentti

Music: David Casellas Fernández

Choreographic Direction: Jhosmar Chitty

Dancers: Catherine Stuyt, Oswaldo González, Alexis Sulbarán, Mónica Sirkza, Mireia Puig and Jhosmar Chitty

Choreography: Jhosmar Chitty

Creation and Interpretation: Catherine Stuyt, Jhosmar Chitty, Oswaldo González, Alexis Sulbaran.

Duration: 20 min 

Fotography: Frederic Navarro.

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