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Más allá de las palabras

Coreography: Alexis Sulbarán
Creation & Interpretation: Oswaldo González y Alexis Sulbáran
Artistic Direction: Jhosmar Chitty 
Duration: 12 minuts
Photography: Juand Maestre 

The Power of the Word goes beyond the simplicity of communication, goes beyond the voice and gestures and it transforms itself in living movement. In the choreographic process we worked with a conceptual basis where we investigate in how a clear discourse can transform even the body, and the security and attitude of the speaker can lead and surround others having a reaction and impact on them. This concept generates a search of images, sensations and energy that evolves throughout the whole piece, propitiating a beginning development and an ending.









...With his rhetorical speech without any purpose other than persuasion managed to lead the masses, they followed like sheep after listening to his words. While he became greater they headed and lined up to hand in their shadows ...





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