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Creator and Artistic Director of 360GRADES Contemporary Dance Company

Bachelor Degree in Teaching Classical Dance

Manager in Cultural Projects and Cultural Spaces Specialization

Professor of Classical and Contemporary Dance, Choreographer and Dancer


She began her training in dance since she was a child and in her youth she began her training as a teacher under the syllabus of the R.A.D. Royal Academy of Dance and of the IDTA - International Dance Teachers' Association of England, institutions both of which she obtained recognition with Distinctions and Honours in different dance disciplines. Graduated as a BA in Dance mention Teaching from UNEARTE-National Experimental University of Arts, where she gained Merit to Excellence for three consecutive years. Simultaneously she studied Contemporary Dance at the same university. She performs as a Soloist Dancer at the Venezuela National Dance Company Foundation working with national and international choreographers such as: Rafael Bonachela, Tony Cots and Carmen Werner (Spain) Martin Inthamousu (Uruguay), Marcos Rossi (Mexico), Felix Oropeza, Luz Urdaneta,  Leyson Ponce, Rafael González, and Carolina Petit (Venezuela), among others. In addition to dancing for independent companies such as DRAMO - Dramaturgy of the Movement, company with the work line of Dance Theater, directed by choreographers and teachers Miguel Issa and Leyson Ponce.


Interested in creating new projects, in supporting the creation, diffusion projection and to enhance the value of this arduous artistic discipline that is dance, she specializes in Cultural Management at the Divulgación Dinámica entity, Master in Project Management and Cultural Spaces. Hence, promotes contemporary dance in projects from her company, such as:  ACI DANCE 360º International Choreographic Action, DID 360º International Dance Day, Ciclo de Arte 360º  Cycle of Arts and also develops the method of contemporary training Power and Control. Currently, she works as Classical and Contemporary Dance Teacher, Artistic Director, Choreographer and Dancer. As a Choreographer, she highlights her creation ANDAR, which is selected as the most voted piece in the RETO Beta Pública 2016 in Madrid, Spain and is selected to participate in England at the I.D. Emerging Dance Artist Night festival (UK). Another of her piece: En el Mundo no Quieren a los Tristes was selected and created at the Contemporary Scene Residence of the Can Felipa Center.

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