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FusionART 360º

Cultural project which facilitates and promotes a fusion of enriched combination of Dance with other Arts.

La Ventana
de tu Mirada
(The Window of your look)
Photoshoot work inspired by the concept of focus.


      The Knowledge that your eyes give me.
      I look into your eyes and I glimpsed after its glazed.
      I look into your eyes and find your cracks.
      That is when you stop being someone to be you.
      I see you and I don't look at you,

      I look at you and I don't see you.


Direction: Jhosmar Chitty
Photography: Master Juand
Dancers: Catherine Stuyt, Alexis Sulbarán,

Oswaldo Gonzalez, Monika Sirkza, Mireia Puig,

Jhosmar Chitty.


Slaves and Plastic


VideoDance Project  about plastic pollution at sea.


Direction: Lida Urbanek

Artistic Direction: Roma Losaberidze, Margola Magentti

Music: David Casellas Fernández

Direction of Choreography: 360GRAdOS Danza Contemporánea

Dancers: Catherine Stuyt, Oswaldo González, Alexis Sulbarán, Monica Sirkza, Mireia Puig, Jhosmar Chitty

Desde otro Foco
(From another Focus)
Participation in  the Festival: "The Exploding Plastic Fest #01. Happening d’improvisació o caos controlat de música, dansa i arts del moviment".


Improvisation that generated a listening connection between the dancers and the musician. At the end we enjoy engaging and sharing with the audience on stage.


Musician: ESPERIT, Dalmau Boada

Artistic Direction: Jhosmar Chitty

Dancers: Marta Tejada, Catherine Stuyt, Alexis Sulbarán, Oswaldo Gonzalez and Jhosmar Chitty

Photography: Frederic Navarro

Plastic Sea
Festival The Exploding Plastic Fest #02 Happening d’improvisació o caos control at music, dance and arts of movements 


Performance Plastic Sea about the sea plastic pollution inspirelaves and Plastic Video Dance. 


Music: Blood Quartet - Mark Cunningham /  Murnau b.- Lluis Rueda, Kike Bela y Candid Coll 

Artistic Directio: Jhosmar Chitty

Dancers: Catherine Stuyt, Alexis Sulbarán, Oswaldo González y Jhosmar Chitty

Photograph: Frederic Navarro

La Estrategia de la Araña



Band: Para Normales 

Choreography and Interpretation: 

360GRAdOS Danza Contemporánea. 

Oswaldo González y Jhosmar Chitty

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