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Entre Vértigo

“ENTRE VÉRTIGO” (Between Vertigo) contemporary dance piece created from a human sensation. The VERTIGO its best described has an illusion of movement, which it could be from our surroundings or de person itself who spins in the space, it creates a shock of weakness to parts of our body for some, but for others this empty feeling that accelerates the heartbeat creates an insatiable adrenaline. In the choreographic process we investigate and depend in the work of lifts, this generates a search of images, sensations and energy that evolves throughout the whole piece, propitiating a beginning development and an ending.  

Creation & Interpretation:
Alexis Sulbarán, Oswaldo González y Jhosmar Chitty
Music: Soundtrack Irreversible, DJ MIX
Duration: 12 Minuts

You throw me, I throw you. I catch you stuck to my skin on purpose, with the desire of feeling your fear, your anxiety and your need for animal and human survival.


                                                          If you throw yourself I still don’t know if I will catch you. Sometimes I just simply remit to saving myself, selfishly.

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