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En el Mundo No Quieren a los Tristes

Contemporary dance piece inspired by the poem “En el mundo no quieren a los tristes”, of theVenezuelan poet Gustavo Pereira. It covers conceptual issues like the society and patterns created by men who every day we follow and imitate, patterns that sometimes create narrow roads blocking the ways to find other paths at times.

Sometimes we repress in seeking our true "me", to explore feelings that tell us that we are part of a life

and of a stream of feelings which we should not move away even if we are different.


     “We have the right to griev

      to feel defeated

      But the world doesn´t like sad people..."

                Gustavo Pereira


Project selected and prepared in Residence Contemporary Scene C.C. Can Felipa.

Coreography: Jhosmar Chitty.

Intérpretation & Creation:

Oswaldo González, Alexis Sulbarán,

Johann Pérez Viera, Melissa Marín Luis y Jhosmar Chitty.

Duration: 35 minuts.

Music: various

Monologue: PoemCurrículum de Mario Benedetti.

Fotography: Rahel Probst.

PromotionalVideo: Johann Pérez Viera.




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