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Dos para Dos


It is a creative process in which it is put into practice the knowledge and experiences. Where the concerns derivate of this process are questioned at the time of translating ideas and drawing the strokes with the body. The reality occurs at moments of constantly change. The process of conception comes from a perspective of the creator which is far from being a straight-line path. It is the results where retreats and advances are combined. When creating with the body, we work with their memories and establish codes in order to find other bodily response. We must investigate and inquire into authentic movement, for an in- recognizable quality within a recognizable code.


"The creation of art is, therefore, somewhat, inhuman and unreal; its creatures, illogical and fantastic. The art is not like life or sentimental. It is a pleasure of the Gods, which makes us truly free. "

Homero M. Guglielmini





We are born of material and material we are back to be. One is always simple, but we are born from two. One two, two is the force that it is there when you need it. Two it is the push to continue, two it is support. it is the last step that to reach the top of the ladder. Two it is always a one plus one. " Two for Two " is built, it is an image, a feeling, an idea made​​, a palpable reading, a permanent flight.



Choreographer: Oswaldo González

Interpretation:  Jhosmar Chitty  y  Oswaldo González

Music Thunders and lightning and Clouds the mind on the (Re) wind both by Ezio Bosso

Duration: 11 min.

Vestuary: Carmelo Sebastián Pérez y Susana Rodríguez

Photography: Juand Maestre

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