Training Modules 

Continuous training modules at different levels. The students are under personalized tutoring in order to optimize their training. Designed for those students who want to make a block of classes with an intensive workload per week, seeking a complete development within their formative stage in contemporary dance.

The formative training modules have a morning schedule and include a variety of classes of Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance, Technical Base, Contemporary Dance Workshop and ACB - Body Conditioning for the Dancer. The workload varies depending on the level:

Module I - II          Module II           Module II - III

Regular Classes 

360GRADOS offers regular classes in Classical, Contemporary Dance and different Complementary Subjects in a variety of levels.

          Alternative Physical Training

          Complementary classes for the dancer's physical training. 


          It organizes and teaches different workshops during the course as well as workshops with guest professors.

          Summer Intensive - Full Training 

          360GRADOS offers each year Summer Courses with intensive training in classical and contemporary dance of an average duration                of three to four weeks at infant-juvenile and adult level.




360GRADOS Danza expands its training program for children & youth, enhancing the rigor, perseverance and effort required by this artistic discipline stimulated by motivation and love of this vocation.


Aimed for the training of children and young people in both the Classical Dance line, oriented mainly in the Vaganova method of teaching Russian, and in the line of Contemporary Dance proper of the institution's study plan. It establishes the foundations and the necessary development of each student attending to the individualities. The academic program developed by Bachelor in Classical Dance Teaching Jhosmar Chitty and by the Bachelor In Contemporary Dance Oswaldo González, specializes in providing formal education in dance since its inception.

The training offer of the 360GRAdOS Dance Training Center covers the following levels within its Training Cycles:

     Classical Dance





      Pre – Elementary




Group of Infantile - Juvenile Training

Designed for those young people who want to deepen their training in dance with a higher intensity load. This provides the opportunity to channel, from an early age, the training of future professionals in the sector.

The classes take place at the "Centre de Formació en Dansa Clàssica i Contemporània" in  Carrer de l'Oblit 56, Barcelona.

For more information, please contact the email address or through the contact form on this web.

Contemporary Dance



Pre - Elementary




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