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Anna Vila

Classical Dance and Technical Base
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Classical Dance Teacher and Technical Base

Born in Barcelona in 1987, Anna Vila graduated from the English National School in London in 2007. Anna has danced in several German classical and neoclassical dance companies (Leipzig and Halle Opera and Halberstadt Theater), both as a member of the corps of dance, such as as a soloist dancer playing roles such as Giselle, Clara from the Nutcracker or Anne Frank. For five years she has worked as a ballet teacher and choreographic repeater for the Halberstadt company, also having the opportunity to create her own piece (such as Giselle, Weg zu Freiheit or Ich schweige nicht) Since 2018, Anna has returned to reside in her city Natal where, beyond staying active as a dancer (member of the Crea Dance Academy company by Maria Rovira at the premiere of Carmina Burana), she currently dedicates herself above all to teaching classical dance and being a mother. Ana has a Degree in Humanities from the UOC (2017) and a postgraduate degree in Cultural Management from the UB (2020).

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