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360GRAdOS arises from a concern to dig deep into the movement inspired by vivid images and sensations that envelope energy. The choreographic processes are based in a physical and conceptual search where interpreted are involved fully in the creative work.

The board members have been working together since their formative years, even professionally have shared working in companies with national and international choreographers. We accept and understand contemporary dance has an eclectic discipline and rich in his variety of styles, this fact brings multiple possibilities at the moment of carrying a choreographic process. Today we develop our own project creating a link withing the same line of work, which will depart from our artistic experiences to generate a particular and in common work together.


Mission arises to give the audience a different trip with every piece where they can for that moment travel with the performers to a particular and specific horizon, yet open to reading possibilities.

The social objective focuses on raising awareness and increasing closeness to art, covering topics that approach the human being, his essence, his touch and experiences. To have a direct and palpable contact with the audience that gives them a positive experience. Create a space for reflection, for variety of ideas and opinions, free to the imagination. Generate energy transferred and connect with the audience, and to see this achieved through interpreters passion, reinforcing the value of dance and the arts.

We also have a personal and professional goal, as creators, to delve into the art of contemporary dance continue growing and creating endless possibilities, discovering own proposals and meaningful language, starting with energy as the beginning of creation, and involving an interpretative essence. 

Yes Manifesto

Yes to generating and propagating the energy that is conducive to movement.

Yes to dancers that are a living entity, changing and passionate. 

Yes to the link between dancer and audience.

Yes to inclusion of a sensation, image, concept or message through a moving body.

Yes to interpretation and expressiveness.

Yes to creating movement through an investigation. 

Yes to maintaining the authentic essence of each dancer.

Yes to humility, sincerity and nobleness.

Yes to imagination.

Yes to curiosity, to investigation and discovery.

Yes to constant and unending learning.

Yes to seeing the body as our tool of work and hence yes to training and body work.



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