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Catherine Stüyt 

Classical Dance Teacher

Choreographer and Dancer


Born in Venezuela. She began her studies in classical interpretation at the Teatro de Bellas Artes and at the Gisela Paz de la Rosa School in Maracaibo. She continued her studies in classical choreography interpretation and pedagogy at the Teresa Carreño Theater Ballet School in Caracas and in the Study of Dance Joan Magriñá, Barcelona, ​​Spain. She completes her training in Santiago de Chile, London, Madrid and Barcelona with the Master Asunción Aguadé.


She was part of the Russian Ballets of Irina Ivanova and of the Ballet Youth Theater Teresa Carreño, of the company + Danza Project of Barcelona and currently in 360GRADOS Contemporary Dance .


She has worked in various dance schools teaching Classical Ballet in Catalonia: AREA, Company & Company, Maxime De Haroche Dance Center, Juan Magriñá School and Teresa Carreño Ballet School in Venezuela .. She currently alternates participating as a dancer in different companies with pedagogy.


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