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Dance International Choreographic Action


Project attached to 360GRAdOS Contemporary Dance with choreographers of contemporary dance It is born with the intention of implementing an artistic cultural exchange through choreographic processes of new or reassembling pieces of creators at international level. Thus, emphasizing the international artistic opening and visualizing as objective the projection of different styles and visions within the contemporary dance, in addition to generating a direct link between different artists.


ACI Danza promotes contemporary dance and gives value to the work of renowned choreographers with a long history and important contributions within the national and international dance culture.

For us as a company, there is a direct growth in nourishing creative processes with different choreographers, leading our body to feel and experience different qualities of movement, also to give members and other invited dancers an enriching experience for their professional career.


The project creates the direct connection between artists to create a more extensive link, which is carried out through a creative residency process that coordinates directly with the guest choreographer and their availability. In this short space of residence is realized an unpublished choreography of its creation that later it becomes part of the repertoire of the company 360GRADOS that will move like the other works of the repertoire but within the project ACI Dance 360º. At the end of the residence process a sample of the choreographic work is presented.

Fragments de la Nit

About Fragments of the Night poem by José Lezama Lima

Melodía para unas Lágrimas



"No person deserves your tears, and whoever deserves it will not make you cry."

                                    Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Choreographer: Carmen Werner 

Interpreters: Oswaldo González, Jhosmar Chitty

Duration: 25 minutos

Music: Banda sonora editada por Carmen Werner

As our first guest, we have contacted the Spanish choreographer Carmen Werner, currently located in Madrid director of the Provisional Dance Company.


... Carmen Werner was born in Madrid. She has a Degree in Physical Education gained at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. She studied Classical and Contemporary Dance in Madrid, Barcelona and London. Since she created her own company in 1987, Provisional Dance, she has staged more than 60 choreographies: room work (small and large format, including an opera-dance), street works, video-dance, a short film, collaborations for other companies, special commissions for different festivals and theaters, as well as teaching dance classes and choreographic workshops. His artistic trajectory has been recognized with different prizes, among them the National Dance Award 2007, the Onassis International Dance Award in 2001 and the Culture Prize in the Dance Section of the Community of Madrid 2000 ...

Duo choreographic that investigates in alterity as a possibility to relate kinestésicamente the quality of being another. Body and body reflex, an excuse to be the fragmented ego the ideal of a harmonious whole.


Coreography;       Leyson Ponce

Interpreters:          Jhosmar Chitty and Alexis Sulbarán

Music:  Obertura acto I  of the La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi  and  Lo jardí de la mort by Nuria Rial

Duration: 9 Minutes

Vestuary:  Luis Alonso

Photography: Oswaldo González

General Production:   360 GRAdOS Danza Contemporánea

Our guest in 2017, Venezuelan Maestro Choreographer Leyson Ponce, who for more than thirty years of continuous research has developed a line of work on the dramaturgy of movement that defines as an ontological study of the expression of the body. With this, he tries to locate the time of creation in what precedes him as a movement and which he defines as a pre-reflexive thought of the experience of dancing. Bachelor in Performing Arts with extensive postgraduate studies, such as: Specialization in Choreographic Composition, and in Cultural Management Master and a MA in Philosophy. Currently ending a PhD in Philosophy of Art. Artistic Director of DRAMO, Dramaturgy of the Movement, Teacher Honorary at the University of the Arts and active teacher of Contemporary Dance. He has created and presented several pieces in Italy, France, Portugal, South Korea, Indonesia, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba and Ecuador. He has been distinguished with awards such as: Honorable Mention Municipal Dance Award, Good Citizen Order, National Cultural Heritage Award and Municipal Dance Award 2002.

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